Karamba is a parametric environment added onto Grasshoper for 3D modelling in Rhinoceros .  It provides an accurate analysis of systems parametrically modelled and enables designers to analyse projects from the earliest stages of a project.

The latest edition of Karamba can be downloaded from: http://www.karamba3d.com/downloads/

In both 32 and 64 bit applications the installation must be  installed within the same file where the Grasshopper.dll file resides. Karamba can run without installing a Pro/Student licence however without it there are limitations to the geometry that can be analysed and the about of mesh faces it can take (>50)

The Student license has the same capabilities as the Pro licence and is only 30EUR for two installations. In order toobtain a licence  after installing Karamba use the licence tool to save the ‘machine ID’ which then needs to emailed along with your student ID to: info@karamba3d.com


The images below represent my current development using both physical and parametric modelling in order to develop my proposal:

_MG_8811Karamba image 1